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About Us
“Our work is for helping the Poor”


Provision all type of supports to upgrading and to have a better in life for all people who live under poverty lines without a stigma of nations, race, cultures and religions.


  • To coordinate and work closely with civil society, government ministries, donors, stakeholders and all relevant institutions in collaboration in line with related activities and resource mobilization towards its national poverty reduction strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia.
  • To establish and to implement related programs including community programs and mass media programs in reply to those needs of target population in regards of poverty reduction through both SIDO and other NGO, CBO and working partners in a variety of means.
  • To encourage in building up all types of business development to be a self-finance reliance within its organization, target community group, target population and target beneficiaries in comply with the poverty reduction strategy of SIDO and NPRS of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Long-Term Stewardship
High Ethical Standards

Who We Are
SIDO (Society Integration Development) is a non-political, non-religious, non-partisan and non-governmental organization devoted to furthering community development and poverty reduction partnership work with LNGOs, Community based organizations (CBOs), Government Sector, Private Sector and Media Sector. It has been legally registered bye-law with the Royal Government of Cambodia working towards the Poverty Reduction in lines with the National Poverty Reduction Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia at national level, regional level, provincial level and grassroots community level in Cambodia within 24 towns and provinces.


  • Its establishment
    SIDO was founded and established in January 2004. From its inception January 2004 to the end of 2004, its operations is working on two activities: 1) as a distance project support to Local NGOs and CBOs to initial address the problem of Environment, Education, Agriculture and Rural development and 2) doing a variety of researches, feasibility studies and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) on Cambodian social issue environment in terms of general economic investment, Government system, NGOs and IOs (Civilian Society), media sector approach and especially the situation of the local community in need in Cambodia by our private individual fund of Group Founders, BOARDS and Charitable families prior a departure to an huge exploration of our 14 main programs based on the availability of our funding.

    SIDO was designed as NGO with its feature as a Social Enterprise and Social Development Programs to fulfilling its vision and mission in helping the poor in general. It was official registered with the Royal Government of Cambodia aiming at loving to start-up and expand our program wider and country-wide both target beneficiaries and target locations as defined in the program operational strategy planning and direction. The organization has grown mature over the past years in terms of project implementation, staff capacity-building and organizational development.

SIDO first started employing around 25 national staff and 13 foreign staff in which 10 staff at the main office in Phnom Penh and 28 field program staff based in different provinces who is supporting by a number of government and community counterparts, local NGO partners and CBOs, several Cambodian as well as international volunteers and expatriate advisors. Nowadays, SIDO is one of the leading organizations in the poverty reduction in Cambodia through a variety of development programs. The organization is well respected, nationally and internationally, for its successful approach and strategy direction in its program development in Cambodia. Due to the growth and expansion, the fundraising campaign plan is needed to be undertaken both self-financial supports and receiving external funding supports.

Person Involved:

  1. Dr. Michael S. Nhim, Ph.D. of Business Administration and Master's Degree of International Relations and Political Science from Australia who has had NGOs, International development and humanitarian work experiences in developing countries, especially in Cambodia.
  2. Ms. Martha Ayala, Ph.D of Health (Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis) from University of Paris 7, from France.
  3. Ms. Sweet Alice, Ph.D and MBA of Agriculture and Technology from Italy
  4. Mr. Xavier Chantraine, MBA with NGOs work experiences in Micro-finance and Banking from France.
  5. Ms. Marina Cooper, Master's Degree in Agriculture and work experiences with UNDP and FAO from France.
  6. Mr.Rajshekar.D.Rollakanti, Master's Degree of Education and DMS (Doctorate in Management Studies) from India.
  7. Mrs. Nhek Sokuntheary, Master's Degree of Economical Development and Public Relations, the Owner of the Construction Investment Firm from Australia.
  8. Dr. Kotta Krishna Mohan Rao, Ph.D in Education from India with humanitarian work experiences in developing countries.
  9. Mr. Leang Leap, MBA, the Owner the Real Estate Property Investment Company in Cambodia.
  10. Mr. David K.S, Experienced Grant management and operations from Australia.
  11. Mr. Tomy N.KS, Experienced Institutional and Organizational Development from Australia.
Other Associates
  • Overseas activists and SIDO Team based in Australia and the States.
  • Number of Cambodian interested activists, staff and colleagues.
  • Number of Local and International professional volunteers.


The majority of NGOs both at community projects and mass media work in Cambodia is made up partly implementation in regards of the poverty reduction towards its target population. This has created a passive recipient mentality which has contributed to a very passive civil society in Cambodia who wishes to help the poor. This in turn has allowed much centralization of power, abuse of right and a huge gad between the poor and the rich. There was a regularly meeting between the Royal Government of Cambodia and donor countries held in Phnom Penh to look at the potential for community based poverty reduction in comply with its national poverty reduction strategy. In that meeting some of the works have been already done in some part of the target areas and target population in different provinces through its relevant ministries to the grass-root level. However, in each meeting, there was a very clear voice from both sides that the continuation of cooperation with civil society is a must in Cambodia to assist the poor community building and to allow the poor to advocate on the issues they faced. It was also identified that there was a lack of a full range services and supports with a variety of programmes implementation organization that could help the poor both skill capacity building and funding.

Up to 2006, there were remarkable NGOs who have pioneered in working on this poverty reduction but are still being implemented in some parts both location and their expertise as stated earlier. However, the increase and the gad between the poor and the rich is still showing concern and remarkable by the Donor countries. With this regard, our groups of founders have decided to register and establish this organization. SIDO in full is “Society Integration Development Organization”. It comprises a variety of programme departments and fields of work. It was designed to help the poor. SIDO will promote the poor and its community of their expression and allow them to have the opportunities in participating to gain both skill work knowledge and a variety of supports. In short, it is to pave the way for a sustainable development for them to be self-financial reliance and having a better life.

A good citizenship and being rich starts from the individual and then can only be achieved with participation of all as a group, family and as a whole society.

Group Founders as well as Technical Advisors and BOARDs are both in Cambodia and at Overseas. Management Committee (MC) is an executive key-body ranging up from managers to directors chaired by the Country Director and/or Deputy Director under the strategy direction and guidelines of the BOARDs and Group Founders. Each decision-making based on 50% plus 1 of the total MC members with approval from BOARDs.

According to the approval by SIDO Group Founders and BOARDS, SIDO will operate its programs in Cambodia through three (03) phases for the first step of 10 years and will continue in each 10 year-step cycle. After the first three (03) years in Cambodia, SIDO will expand its program in the same manner, system and approach to Lao PDR and Vietnam as anticipated plan.
Component I : Raising fund and Self-implementation
Component II : Grand management
Component III : Operations Department

Raising fund and Self-implementating
This component I team has its mainly role in both in-country and international fundraising by forming their experts as a holistic approach linking with component II team in Cambodia and reaching to SIDO International fundraising team in Australia and the States. In order to do this, many Participatory Rural Appraisal and Feasibility Studies have been conducted and formulated in to a variety of the project proposals. This team is using either sources coming from its own revenue or funded from other donors.

Making grant and Sub-grant to partners
The Component II team is also mainly managing and control both sources of our SIDO revenue and other donor’s fund. Their roles are to assess the submitted-project proposals from various partners and other institutions in a systematic approach and transparency. They are not implementer but they work closely with partners in monitoring, evaluation, provision of technical and management supports. Partners are possibly receive fund from either SIDO own revenue or from other donors.

Operations Department
This Department consists of Administration, Finance, Human Resource, Logistic and procurement, and Compliance and M&E, Marketing and Policy planning and Public relations. This team is responsible for mainly SIDO operations in terms of management aspects and technical supports including Administration, Finance, Logistic, Procurement, Human Resource, Marketing and Policy Planning, and M&E and Compliance.


  1. SIDO Restaurants
  2. SIDO Construction, Maintenance and Renovation
  3. SIDO Real Estate and Property Investment
  4. SIDO Apartment Services
  5. SIDO Sale Shops
  6. SIDO Carpenter and Woodwork
  7. SIDO Painting and Advertising

Our believe that through these innovative business approaches, we, SIDO could stand to establish this organization by itself, It is also both giving job opportunities to those disadvantaged and vulnerable people and to generate incomes to support SIDO Social Development Programs.


  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Agriculture
  4. Rural development
  5. Democracy, human rights and good governance
  6. Legal and judicial system
  7. Natural resources and environmental management
  8. Tourism
  9. Banking and micro-finance
  10. Business development
  11. Industrial, mine and energy
  12. Flood, disaster mitigation and drought
  13. Mass media
  14. Art and culture

We are operating and will continue to operate our 14 programs within 24 towns and provinces in Cambodia by offering greater opportunities in life to the disadvantaged people and their communities.

OPERATIONS: Regions and Provinces

  • Region I
(Moldulkiri, Rattanakiri, Steung Treng and Kratie)
  • Region II
(Kompong Cham, Kompong Thom, Prey Veng and Svay Rieng)
  • Region III
(Koh Kong, Sihnoukville , Kampot, Kep, Kompong Speu and Takeo)
  • Region IV
(Ordor Meanchey, Preh Vihear, Seam Reap, Kompong Chnang, Kandal and Phnom Penh)
  • Region V
(Banteay Meanchey, Battambang, pailin and Pursat)

STAFF AND WORK STRUCTURE (See attached file)


SIDO has built a strong network with our direct working partners as an active and pro-active member with LNGOs and CBOs, Government Sector, Private Sector, Media Sector and INGOs within 24 towns and provinces through its three operations components. With this respect, SIDO did a lot of Partnership Assessment in order to select good partners via each sector, placing them on BOARD with us in a long term commitment, interest and vision to fight the poverty in Cambodia. The target and focus number of SIDO partner’s members is as below:

LNGOs and CBOs = 84 Institutions
Government sector = 14 Institutions
Private sector = 14 Institutions
Media sector = 14 Institutions
INGOs = 14 Institutions
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Total = 140 members

Direct beneficiaries: All types of vulnerable and disadvantaged people, especially women and children, and their communities including indigenous people.

1) SIDO own revenue, 2) In-country donors, 3) Overseas donors and 4) Other Charitable Foundations and Families.


  • SIDO's decisions to work are based on target group need, existing provision and SIDO with its partners’ capacity to respond to target group needs.
  • All SIDO's inputs are designed not to create dependency and to ensure that all inputs are built on community strengths.
  • SIDO will remain a pragmatic organisation seeking solutions based on the context within which we work.
  • SIDO will work in partnership with communities, organisations and institutions at all levels.
  • SIDO will design all inputs to work towards self-sufficiency and social enterprise.
  • SIDO will wherever possible use only participatory beneficiary-centred methodology, in particular ensuring their true primacy in PRA and PLA and other community-based activities.
  • SIDO maintains its full commitment to the highest standards of professional and ethical practice.
  • SIDO works to build on human resource development and providing them job –readyness and the community reintegration.
  • SIDO seeks to assure the quality of its work through inviting external audit, evaluations, and inspections, under the overall oversight of its Boards and through consultation with its panel of Technical Advisors in Cambodia and abroad.

Information about our regional, provincial and sub-provincial offices of SIDO in Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao PDR, can be obtained from SIDO Head office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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