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About 60% of population of Cambodian is farmers living based on the Agriculture and farming cultivation. SIDO-Agriculture in Cambodia is mainly focusing on Agricultural Irrigation, Forestry, Fisheries Project and some other related activities.

Prey Veng province is one of our SIDO-Agriculture project sites.
This is only one example of the integrated project among of others in different provinces which it covers 47 villages, 11 communes, 3 districts (Kampong Trabek, Peam Chor, Ba Phnom) of Prey Veng province. For the Community Health Basic component of this project cover 30 villages, 5 communes of Kampong Trabek district and Good Governance cover 17 villages, 6 communes, 2 districts (Peam Chor, Ba Phnom); and Cow Bank and adaptation to climate change cover 47 villages, 11 communes, 3 districts (Kampong Trabek, Ba Phnom, Peam Chor).

Some activity examples:
The group technical with 3 technical agents is organized for Agriculture Technical Support to the participations trainees by training of technical action procedure, written the different Agricultural Technical Hand Book, follow up those farmers activities and strongly relation-ship with the representatives agencies inside-outside the target areas of project. Therefore, this group have organized the Agriculture technical training Activities.
Green-Vegetable growing
Green-vegetable production is more important part of incomes and can be increase of the economically of the farmers families after the rice production period. But however, the farmers always produced on their own plots, so during the time and in the end of every cycles of the growing there were so many problems of insects, insecticide, diseases, chemical fertilizer and technical process. Therefore, those farmer needs were being solved and support by our technical agents.
Fruit-trees culture activities
The Fruit-trees Culture is second activities of the farmers in the province of Battambang, there are more than 2500 hectares of the Pursat-Oranges farms plots (Chamcar Krouch Posat ) planted in the district of Sanger, Banan, Battambang, Thmar Kaul and Maung Russey, but those of fruit-trees farms plots were being dead and cut down because of diseases and technical problems. Thus the technical agents of the project have being supported and transferred new method-technical and new varieties to those farmers.
Red corn production activity
Red corn production is the most interested nutrition for the people and livestock production and the farmers could be planted in the wet season even if in the dry season with nearby the irrigated system of the farmers plots, this varieties is new imported DK 888-999 from Thailand, the quality were high protein and production can be arrived 4-4.5 tones/hectares. Therefore, these varieties are being interest by farmers in the villages and our technical agents have been supported and strongly contacted with those farmers.
Livestock production activity
Livestock production is the most important ways of the economically income of those farmers in the rural area after the rice production, and then livestock could be provided us like meet, urine, organic fertilizer etc. so that the farmer can feed easily with amount of animal they have enough resources to support them and follow-up the vaccination program, treatment and food feeding, Therefore, each trainee could be more interested and find-out solution with the technical agents of the project.
Dry season rice production activity
Dry season rice production IR-KESOR, is the short term rice production with 110 days period of harvested, this variety have been produced by Rice Research Center-Ministry of Agriculture in Phnom Penh, the production was high 3.5 - 4.5 tones per hectares, and better production for the rice field irrigated. The farmer could plant 2-3 times per year, good quality and soft smooth rice grain, and we have the specialist of this rice variety of the IRRI –Philippine.
Special mycelium and mushroom production
Special mycelium and mushroom production was other activities, that those farmers could profit more income after rice harvested period, they can be used the rice straw and saw-dash in their own village to produce the fresh mushroom during the wet and dry season with technical ways supported and good mycelium, there were two different types mushroom varieties are being produced in the Training Centers of Kampong Pil, Wat Tamim Commune, Sangker district and Battambang province.
Special compost production
The project have organized two different types of special compost production there were dry compost and liquid compost, organic fertilizer is more interested for those plants, the structure of the soil could be better than they are using too many chemical fertilizer in the farm plot. Then most of those beneficiaries were interested to produce more and more quantities of these compost and those farmers could earn more money by reducing of utilization of chemical fertilizer in their own farms plots.
Market observation, information analysis and contributed
Marketing observation and information analysis is most important things to be able understanding the cycles of rotation of the Agriculture productions exported and imported inside or outside the province from month by month, from season by season. The price of selling and buying those productions in the market were interested by the farmers and they could be more understanding to make a planning on their own development program by flowing up in the market observation results.
Therefore, to be solving the above mentioned the project was strongly collaborated with Battambang Provincial Department of Commerce in order to select that information in 3 main markets as, Central Market, Beong Chhouk Market and Phsar Thmey Market for analyzing and establishing weekly news and contributed this news to those farmers’ beneficiaries in the target areas. In these weekly news presented 21 different kinds of these agriculture productions, price evolution remarks, imported and exported resources. However, the evolution of the number of quantity price of the different kinds of productions and absent-products
and more productions in the market. Then the weekly news of the price were contributed by two ways as, one way is contributed direct to those master farmers and other way is attached on the different blackboard were installed in the target areas of the project. So that those farmers beneficiaries could be more easily receive these information in both ways mentioned.
Family Irrigation system supported activities
SIDO is always bear in mind that Water Resources Policy is the most priority important point for Agricultural Development Program, reconstruction of infrastructure, increasing of incomes, willing for better livelihood and reducing poverty of those poor and poorest farmers in the rural areas. They run smoothly and achieving the goals and objectives mentioned above.
Marketing observation and information analysis is most important things to be able understanding the cycles of rotation of the Agriculture productions exported and imported inside or outside the province from month by month, from season by season. The price of selling and buying those productions in the market were interested by the farmers and they could be more understanding to make a planning on their own development program by flowing up in the market observation results.
Family pond digging supported
According to the need of those farmers and beneficiaries in the target areas is Water Resources for agriculture development program. Even if in the both dry season and raining season, these farmers are always facing deeply in front of their mind-planning processes and they have considered leaving away from Agro-economically development themselves, because of that that they can not find out any solution of water resources. Thus, the project also provided those farmers with the Food for Work to dig the pond on their own farm.
Family canal digging supported
Some time, these farmer plots are not possible for preparation to dig a pond, because they have a small plot, in low land plot areas, and they always facing with two problems concerned: too dry in the dry season and flooding in the raining season, then they do nothing in the both season. If there is not the solution they will evacuate to another places, so that to be cut off external leave of the farmers, the project have a priority arranged the operation by small canal digging inside the farmers plots.
Family pumping-well supported
Family pumping-well and cement-ring well are the priority ways to find out the water resources under ground, the farmer themselves could be able using the water under ground possible for their plants and others need. Therefore, the family pumping-well and cement-ring well are very interested for the up land areas nearby the water resources under ground. If there is the solution they will not evacuate to another places for their living.
Farmer group creation activities
SIDO is always reminding that, Farmers Group Creation Process is also most priority activities point for those farmer beneficiaries to be able strengthening and reinforcement support for Agricultural Development Program in the community process. By dong this, they can be appropriate for achieving the goals and objectives of the development process together, and with full collaboration by authorities local and others partnerships of the project. This has been operated and supported by 2 different kinds of Farmer Group Creation as following:
Farmer group of machinery-pumping supported
Farmer Group Creation Process name, CUMA its mean that: Cooperative of the Utilization Material of Agriculture collective of the farmers beneficiaries in the target areas of the project, each group concerns with 5 to 8 families beneficiaries for creation a group to buy one set of machinery and its pumping tube by a 50% shared cost between SIDO and the Group.
Farmer group of livestock health sanitation and controlling
Creation Farmer group of livestock health sanitation and controlling is most important process in order to gathering the statistic of the animal in those villages regularly for vaccination and treatment on time to be prevention of the diseases that is always destroyed. These involves the participation of beneficiary in the group are representatives of each village that include group representatives and these groups of the farmer always strongly contacted and collaborated with the representative of Government Veterinary Provincial Department.
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