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Business Group I


As it was designed, the Business Group I was mainly dealing most of Commercial and Industrial services. Some of them are very much linked each other.

Construction and Carpenter

These two business innovative approaches are very much linked together as it is fully support and complement each other. SIDO Carpenter are making doors, windows and other related materials such as wooden frame works, wooden kitchen and inner-decorations etc into the buildings, flats and houses. There might be over-demand and those are placed on sales in the furniture shops.

SIDO Construction, Maintenance and Renovation

This service business project which is implementing based on the 2007 investment research and conducting marking research, there were a few projects implementing in Kampot and some project sites surrounding Phnom Penh. By following SIDO Business Strategy Planning for the first 10 years, our team has learnt that increase sales of flats is faster than a lot of land villas sales which is enabled the cash flow running in a appropriate transaction. These projects are giving hundred of jobs to workers, technical staff, engineering, architectures and several management levels. Most of them were coming from the province of Svay Rieng, Prey Veng, Kompong Cham and several graduated civil engineering University students. (Click here to see more…)



SIDO Carpenter and Woodwork

Our woodwork is also important that it produces to support to our construction project in relating to making doors, windows and other frame work designed. This project at this moment is joining with our business partners of metal work with the same goal and business provision. Out of demand products are placing on sales to public in the stores. This project is mostly closed linked with the construction projects and the team. It provides several jobs to our vulnerable people both men and women. The graduated students from relevant universities such as wood art and design etc also have been involved in this project. (Click here to see more…)



Apartment and Restaurant

The linking business services between these two in this field are most of the commercial and attractive approach. People need a place to stay and what to eating as a human being.

SIDO focuses on this area as we think that it would help both giving job opportunities and its income generation to support our social program in return. To do this, our team is studying a variety of approaches of launching by co-partner and self-running. As the strategy, we start from piloting and up to the top at what we can do. We hope that it can help the poor communities through this investment.

SIDO Apartment Services
This project is also providing where and the place for clients to stay in a comfortable, relax and peace in mind living environment. Beyond having the existing apartments, the project teams are also in the position in looking for buying reasonable cost land and start new building to supply its demand based on marketing research and analysis. This means the project has provided several jobs in this industry to our disadvantaged people, especially to most graduated students from tourism and hospitality University. In the future, SIDO will expand this project industry to various provinces depending on the demands and based on SIDO business research. This innovative approach would bring lots of our remote rural areas and provincial disadvantaged people getting jobs including earning income and working experiences.   (Click here to see more…)



SIDO Restaurants
The sample of two restaurants that are implementing and carried out in Phnom Penh city and another one in the Takeo province are in its ways of a role model as for the others. It provided each at least 20-40 jobs to youth and students in their earning incomes to support their daily expense including for family, on-going study and with working experiences.  (Click here to see more…)




Others Business Cycle links

SIDO Real Estate and Property Investment
Real Estate is one of SIDO target business project among others. It designed as a non-smoke industry in buying and selling a variety of properties and investment. That would be involved with renting, evaluation, commercial services and property investment. SIDO has set up our own team and some other co-operations with business partners in running this business project. Through its implementing, it has provided several jobs to the graduate students who most come from the remote provinces as a first preference in giving and offering jobs rather than Phnom Penh University graduated students.

It mainly provides services not only to public and various clients but is also for our SIDO demand itself as well.

For instance, Real Estate team find the land with a good location for the investment and construction team to build houses, offices, shops, flats, stores and apartment etc;.  And in return, the investment and construction team need the Real Estate team and the team of painting and advertising to advertise, to rent and to sell their products. (Click here to see more…)



SIDO Sale Shops
The approach to have this is to provide the services in terms of commercial business relating to daily consumers sale shops and industry sale stores (Import and Export). Adding to a few existing projects, SIDO is in a planning and studying to build a department store and the commodity stores in some target provinces. Those included the stores where we can place a variety of a collecting buying the agriculture products and other marketing goods for both exporting and importing. This project we hope that there would be a lot of involving from our communities and our working partners in each target province. (Click here to see more…)



SIDO Painting and Advertising
The painting and advertising is also a good project for SIDO and its partners among others. SIDO defined this project as a promoting and advertising that not only linked to our SIDO other projects but it can also provide services to its clients as well on case by case demand. A variety of clients have been put orders to provide them the banners, advertising leaflets, sign and logo, inner house, office and shop decoration and other relevant works within this project. This project is running within 24 hours by shifting a night-time staff and a day-time staff. SIDO also in a planning to expand its branch to its target province based on the marketing research and analysis. (Click here to see more…)


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