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SIDO has regarded the communities as our first target beneficiaries of its operations. What we do and at every step we walk, the community is in the front line and always ahead in our mind in any means of support and helping. The target communities have been defined by our expert team who are working in the remote rural areas, living and working with. They know the communities very clear related to the problems and the needs.

Therefore, SIDO was designed to deliver supports both from SIDO itself and from our external financial supporters through its component I team and especially through our Local Partners at various sectors as indicated in About Us webpage at Partners.

There are some examples of various communities including Local Communities whom SIDO has supported and Communities who are the Supporters:

This below is the communities that SIDO supported in Tourism program through Eco-tourism project with the establishment of their better livelihood and eco-tourism.




The communities that were supported by Micro-finance and banking program through SHGs and micro-credit projects are to have their own income generation building up with business creation.    





The communities that have been supported by the Education program and Human right program through its related projects are providing the victim and vulnerable children (OVC), the shelter and centre for their living. We gathered them and promoted them for a better future through various activities in the Centre.





The Art and Culture Program have supported the communities in promoting them cultural religious based for development of both the monks and the local people. This concept is spreading through the monks in various development areas of SIDO program.




The Communities that have been supported by the Rural Development program and Agriculture program through its various related projects including community capacity building on new technologies, enhancing more productivities and incomes, rural road construction, clean water and food security.



These communities are the supporters involving with individual, families and the groups. The supports are technical advices, financial sources and hand-works provided.





Remarks: The Communities, whom wish to be our target communities in a long term commitment and running of any types as mentioned above, please contact our expert team at

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