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It’s Concept 


SIDO, by implementing its social enterprise within its strategy direction approved by its Group Founders, firstly in Cambodia and after the first three years, this practice and approach will be forwarded to Lao PDR and Vietnam. The ideas are both direct implementing by our fully SIDO and in partnership with other shareholders. The design was divided in Business Group I, Business Group II and the Impact Delivery. 

Business Group I is focusing on commercial and industrial approach with which it provides the job opportunities to our target groups and promoting self-income generation.
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Business Group II is focusing mostly on the Agri-business with which some of them are in a step of processing, studying and feasibility, appraisal and evaluation in some provinces in Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao PDR. It makes as a commercial and trading (Import and Export). 

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Impact Delivery is also a measure that can be assessed through its two business groups within the Social Enterprise. Each year and every case by case, SIDO always make its own monitoring and evaluation of the results that have been taken. Those are involved both internal control and external control. 

SIDO invests in this work area is depending on the real situation of the stability of the political and economical environment in each country where we work. 


Business Group I: 

  • SIDO Restaurants
  • SIDO Construction, Maintenance and Renovation
  • SIDO Real Estate and Property Investment
  • SIDO Apartment Services
  • SIDO Sale Shops
  • SIDO Carpenter and Woodwork
  • SIDO Painting and Advertising

Business Group II:

It is in the processing of its first step and hoping that it would be implementing in the future in various target locations in each country. 

Agri- Business Investment is focusing on the fields of work such as:

    • New technology training and increase the yields
    • Import and export agriculture products
    • Natural Fertilizer Production using Local Materials and animals wastes
    • Import Irrigation material and seeds supply
    • Crops growing like Vegetable and Fruit tree
    • Micro Credit

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This innovative approach would help the poor communities, youth and graduated students and those vulnerable people a lot in terms of providing a job opportunity, community engagement and empowerment of its reintegration, more incomes for supporting their family, learning more knowledge and sharing skill, upgrading their capacity building to a general vulnerable and disadvantaged people. These services generating incomes to support the Social Development Program and other related cost within SIDO.

       Cycle Diagram

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