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Following the Letter from the Country Director guided by the Group of Founders in Home Page, indicating and highlighting the Goal for a Decade by partnership with other sectors is the most important strategy direction of SIDO.

SIDO has defined Partners are as one potential movement and as a holistic approach towards its success in fighting the poor. We believe that our supports will have been delivered by our partners smoothly from the top to the poor local remote and rural communities as well as any other places as wishes.

Therefore, to work effectiveness and sufficiency reaching our goal and working as feeling confidence with truth, honest and transparency, a Protocol Partnership Agreement (PPA) is supposed to be signed by both parties in a long term commitment and interest. By doing this, it is recognized that as an official partners and bylaw who will be responsible to the term of reference in PPA. An open-ended PPA consists only three pages at large with a principle idea and concept of being working cooperation and collaboration in regard of financial and technical supports and at other means of supports.


Mlup Baitong
Mlup Baitong is NGO working to increase environmental awareness and conservation, seeking solutions for sustainable and equitable use of natural resources through education, training, and advocacy and community-based natural resource management activities. It operates five projects and one supporting unit which are grouped in three programs based on various target locations and thematic focus areas including the Community Based Forestry, the Community Based Ecotourism project, Natural resource management as well as offering general environment education and environment friendly farming techniques for rural community groups.



Your Community Organization (YC)
YC is NGO working with community children and youth, sex workers, poor community population and HIV/AIDS population within its target areas. The project is running based on community education which is focused on the health education as STD, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, hygiene, malnutrition, TB, Hepatitis B, C, Drugs, aftercare, non-formal education, life skill education and provides the support to individual, family and community target population and skill development through meeting and training. The formal education system goes through the referrals, micro credit, households and community product development. The Project staff reaching out and working strongly in the target areas to provide the education and supports, the education strategies are organized on one on one education and group education and the project accessing together with education materials and implementing within the project activities.



Youth Network in Khmer (YNK)
YNK is NGO with a team of youth working on targeted street children and youth, community children and youth, sex worker and poor community population as the target population to provide the services. The project is focused on street children and youth, sex worker and community drug users and the early 2008 YNK selected Krong Pailin as a main project activity which is targeted the population in Battambang to provide the education services to those target population with strongly active in town and districts. It is increasing the education program within the whole Krong Pailin that based on the poor community.


Sun and Moon Organization (SMO)
SMO is NGO providing support and reduce high risks for its target population, vulnerable communities in Cambodia. Its services are providing to children and youth in the poor target communities aimed to address of the problems such as family conflict or domestic violence, trafficking, poor community support, sexual abuse, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS vulnerability and the risk of HIV/AIDS within the children and youth, sex worker and entertainment in sex worker and poor community population group. It also provides support through training and education, awareness sessions for improvement of life skills and referrals. The activities were primarily carried out via one-on-one counseling, group discussions and entertainment with an aim of helping the vulnerable population to find personal solutions and access their own ‘life plan’. 


Rural Aid Organization (RAO)
RAO is NGO working relevant with community passion and dedication to protect women and children from poverty and injustice. RAO is working at the community level to deliver training and education, poverty alleviation strategies, and support services that improve the capacity of individuals and communities to promote and protect the rights of women and children within its target areas. The project is running based on offering training workshop on the prevention of child trafficking, sexual violence and other forms of violence against children, establishing of Child Advocate Network and producing training manuals, posters, billboards and improving the living standard through capacity building on basis of income generation. RAO provides training all kinds of laws both national and international law, norms and convention which relating to the basic rights of the people. RAO is also building capacity for the rural community people on technical agriculture, home vegetable gardening, poultry raisins, animal husbandry, fist feeding, pig raising through the provision of trainings, workshops, meetings, study visits, meetings, open forum and mass media.

Aphivat Strey Organization (A.S)
A.S is a NGO based in Battambang Province which has women as management. A.S is an experienced organization in integrated rural development work for thirteen years implementing in forty-eight target villages. A.S helps to strengthen spirit and capacity as needs of all people in upgrading people’s value without discrimination on tradition, religion, beliefs or race at all which create living system with honesty, dignity, harmony and have a common responsibility for the glorious future through Environment Protection and Modification, Providing Agricultural Techniques Based on Natural Policy, Household Income Generation and Nutrition, Human Rights, Gender and Family,  Motivation for Aids Patients and people live with HIV &AIDS, Sustainability and Ownership, Training and Education,  Seeking for Comment Support.

Phnom Srey Association for Development (PSAD)
PSAD is a NGO based in Kompong Cham Province working in partnership with the Royal Government of Cambodia, aimed to contribute to the development of Cambodia. Its vision is a developed Cambodian society whose people have peace, equity, solidarity and self-reliance through implementing integrated community development programs in rural areas such as  Women Health Project, Social Marketing, Local Administration and Reform (LAAR) Project, Pro-Poor Initiatives for Livelihood Improvement (PILI) Project by its commitment to working closely with groups in target communities and seeking partnerships with relevant stakeholders in order to improve people’s living standards and livelihoods in sustainable ways. 


Youth with Disabilities Foundation for Education and Employment (YODIFFE)
With it’s based in Kandal province, this LNGO is working with youth with disability foundation for education and employment. It empowers young Cambodians with disabilities through education and training, leading to employment and self sufficiency within it targets areas. The projects are running based on vocational training, handicrafts, electronic repair, farming, hairdressing, hospitality, motorbike repair, retail, Sewing, and wood sculpting.

Cambodian Farmer Economic Development (CFED)
CFED is LNGO based in Svay Rieng province working for strengthening capacity and glorify, human rights, gender equity, decentralization, good governance for poor and vulnerable people especially children in the target areas .The project is running based on training self help group, training course on checking and treatment to VLA , ceremony providing seed of vegetable tree seed agriculture fool seed grass, course of disseminate on health, training course on the poultry raising to the farmer, passing on hens 21 families, preparing the terms self group, providing the hens, provide 36 cows, VBHCD training course.

Nak Aphivath Sahakum (NAS)
NAS is LNGO based in Kompong Cham province with its working with relevant people such as women headed families and household, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). The project is running based on program poverty alleviation and community managed disaster risk reduction (PACMDRR),  HIV/AIDS  intergraded care and prevention, food and livelihoods security, civil society and pro- poor community business marketing development (CSPPMD)- Farmer cooperatives. The Project staff, Commune council leader and the community are actively committed fulfill their duties and greatly cooperated in project activities.

Khmer Association for Development of Small Agriculture Patterns (KADSAP)
KADSAP is a LNGO based in Svay Rieng Province working with relevant vulnerable people, especially poor and poorest of the poor people and window to the real need, particularly their daily livelihood and to make them have sustainability in their lives. The project is running based on coordinating the people in each community of KADSAP’s areas to get its development of agriculture, economy, human rights, health and environment. It is also building and strengthening capacity to each community to get skill in managing by themselves, organize training on involved-technical skills to the farmers, support materials and  budget to farmers to carry out activities, making closed-relationship with national, international and relevant institutions to get supporting.

It is a LNGO based in Prey Veng Province working on Small Business Development, Health and HIV/AIDS, Agriculture, Natural Resources Management, Community Good Governance, Community Resources (through SHGs) with  its CBOs and relevant target groups. The projects are related to a prevention spread of HIV/AIDS, lack of cows for farming work, food insecurity, chemical fertilizer and insecticide, discrimination against women, religious confrontation, and tense situation in community caused by different political interest, gender inequity, domestic violence and migration.

Christ for Development Kampuchea (CDK)
CDK is a LNGO based in Battambang province working on good governance and the integrated community development Programs (Rights based, Health education, Agricultural, Economy, Human rights and power of the people to poverty reduction) to improves the quality life of the community people and collaborate with strengthen the local public organizations and stakeholders in its target areas.

Kunathor Organization (KNT)
It is based in Battambang province, this LNGO is working with a vision focuses mainly on Development of the community, Development of the economy, Human resources, the rights and power of the people in its target villages and groups. The projects are running based on conducting the trainings on community development and agriculture technical to farmers, conduct trainings on management and leadership skills for community committees, conduct reflection workshop to strengthen the capacity of community and networking, training skills on human rights, article basic laws for community based and authorities, people participatory in good governance and practice their knowledgeable with the villager, organize the study tour for the youth group leaders.

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